Mallard Design


Andrew Hammett

Founder and Director

In his time, Andrew has been a skydiver, a Scuba Diving Instructor, crofted in Shetland and farmed in France. For the last ten years Andrew has been making beautiful objects from wood and leather. Mostly self-taught with the odd course from the world-renowned West Dean College thrown in for good measure, he has honed his skills in his chosen crafts with the help and guidance of skilled craftspeople from all around the UK. Having decided, during the pandemic of 2020, to draw a curtain across his 30 year IT career and concentrate all of his effort on his passion and love for making beautiful things, Andrew has built the Mallard Design workshop from the ground up.


Head of Security

Head of Security at the workshop, general woofer at ne’er do wells and scourge of the Squirrel World Domination League in our local park. Also chief grumbler, unexpected noise generator and giver of face washes, hugs and tennis balls.

The best and most loyal friend!!