Mallard Design

Mallard Design

by Andy Hammett



“Careful hands, a good head and a great heart make for the best artisan craftspeople.”

Here there is no production line. I operate a traditional workshop. Yes I have machines to make my life easier but they are still tools.

Everything I make is the product of my time, experience, skill and dedication to the craft I am serving.

The final result is a bespoke handmade piece that is timeless.


“There is something about owning a beautiful object you can use every day.”

Everything that is made in the workshop is a bespoke item with it’s own character.

No two hand made items, made to a pattern are ever the same.

Each is unique in it’s own way and that uniqueness is the real beauty of a hand made object.


“To make a beautiful object, you must be passionate about your materials.”

I only use the highest quality materials that can be sourced in the UK.

I source my leather direct from a Tannery in Devon ( the very best in the country) and an internationally renowned supplier in Northamptonshire.

All of my wood is sourced from the UK usingfrom the very best suppliers of timber that I can find.


I offer short one and two day courses in leather working allowing you to come to the workshop and learn the basic skills you need, to make either your own sturdy leather belt or your own leather journal. Check out the video below and head over to the courses page for more detail.